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    Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup in Burlington, NC

    Trauma, crime scene, and biohazard cleanup and restoration situations bring a whole new level of criticality and expertise requirements.

    As time is of the essence in these scenarios, you can rest assured knowing that Bioclean Restoration will be on the scene to begin work or provide an assessment in less than an hour from Greensboro to the west side of Raleigh, North Carolina and all along the I-40/85 corridor.

    Professional Crime Scene Cleaning

    With our 24-hour emergency services, Bioclean Restoration can be on the scene quickly to clean and restore the most crucial of situations. From biohazards to murder/suicide scenes, we have the experience and professionalism to handle these cleanup cases with the utmost care, respect, and attention to detail in order to leave the area as safe and sterile as possible.

    Trauma and crime scene cleanup can be dangerous to everyone – from the specialist cleaning the scene, those in the vicinity while the cleanup is taking place, to those inhabiting the area after the cleanup has taken place. Given the nature of these situations, it is vital that professionals are called to complete this cleanup.

    Don’t try to do this on your own. Professionals have access to cleaning and disinfecting equipment and solutions that may be unavailable to others. We also have the experience, training, and certifications required to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

    Unfortunately, there can be times when trauma & crime scene cleanup includes strong odors that must be removed. Often impossible to do on your own, our professionals are equipped with effective, reliable technology — such as ozone machines and hydroxyl generators — to eliminate these odors for good. In addition to odor removal, we also provide UV light treatments to sanitize the air and surfaces in a safe, effective, chemical-free manner.

    Burlington Biohazard Cleanup Company

    Our team will handle the billing and claim filing with your insurance company so you don’t have to. We will make an assessment of the crime scene damages and process the billing and reimbursement for you or your property manager. As these situations are difficult enough, we will do all we can to assist throughout the process.

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    I highly recommend Bioclean! I had a mold problem under the house and had them encapsulate my crawl space. Not only did they do an incredible job in a quick, timely manner, but the price was extremely reasonable. Customer service like this is hard to find. Thank you!

    Tim Spears

    We had a great experience with Bioclean. They worked hard to take care of the issue and followed up to make sure I was happy with the work!

    Scott Mathews

    We had a water leak while out of town and came home to a mess. Bioclean did a wonderful job. They worked with our insurance company to get our situation put back together. I definitely recommend their services!

    Rachael Adams

    Bioclean did a great job! I’m happy with the results and look forward to many trouble-free years with the crawl space. Great materials and professional installation add up to quality, affordable service!

    Paul Werner

    Great experience and superior customer service. Prompt arrival and professional staff who addressed all damage, including water removal, drywall/installation removal, and inspection for additional issues. I will definitely use them for commercial and residential projects in the future!

    Brad Deal

    They were very courteous, informative, and professional. We were pleased with the quote that was provided and we were added to the schedule immediately. The work was completed on schedule and we were very satisfied with the product we were provided with and the employees that worked on our project. I highly recommend Bioclean!

    Barbara Murray

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